Sonic brand identity

Music Composition / Sound Design / Animation

Wundershift is a consultancy firm specialized in

complex stakeholder and project management.

I created a sonic brand identity and animation for their online presence and video content .

Sonic identity

Wundershift is an innovative agency involved in complex collaborations such as the sustainable energy transition, urban planning, supply chain management and contracting. Complex, Connection, Collaboration, Innovation and Transparency were the most important keywords to work with in this assignment. This is reflected in the animation as well as the opening intro. The words “Wunder” and “Shift” meet each other in the middle and the logo also briefly transitions. The sound and music emphasizes this motion by starting with a soundscape comprised of multiple layers of environment recordings (city, traffic, people in a meeting). The layering is a complex sound referring back to the complex nature of their work. Once the word Wundershift is combined modern synthetic and organic percussion is used to create clarity and structure.

Musical identity

Wundershift organizes online events and also produces video content. For this purpose they wanted to have a loop-able musical composition they could use in multiple scenarios. For example as background music for video content or waiting music in a virtual lobby when organizing an online event. The music composition is based on the same ideas as presented in the previous section. The composition has a forward anticipating motion and feel. The timbre is clear and transparent to refer back to the keywords they identify with.

Ringtone element

The sonic identity is layered and has elements which can be used in a variety of ways. Wundershift would like to have their own ringtone which is based on the main recognizable leitmotif use in the logo animation.