Tomb Raider

Music and sound design replacement demo for a video game trailer


Skill assessment for Technical Sound design role


Music Composition

Sound Design



This was a skill assessment as part of a job interview for a undisclosed Virtual Reality Game Developer. Part of this skill assessment was to create the sound track and sound design for the trailer of the video game "Rise of The Tomb Raider". For this assignment I was not allowed to do any research on the original Tomb Raider trailer or content.

Musical Direction

For the assignment the creative director provided the following cue sheet as guidelines for the musical composition:

Music Direction: Cinematic and Orchestral

Must sound like it’s part of the Tomb Raider franchise.


00:00 until 00:46 Music should

emphasize exploring.


00:46 until 01:15 Music should

emphasize adventuring.


01:15 until 01:55 Music should

emphasize atmospheric unease and tension + cinematic buildup.


01:55 until 02:42 Music should

emphasize combat and action + buildup towards end logo.


Here you can listen to the full soundtrack without the sound effect tracks. The track was composed based on the cue sheet provided by the creative director.