I provide a variety of different audio related services. From music composition to technical audio implementation.

original music

Make your company presentation, podcast, animation, film, game, or commercial stand out with originally composed music. From 8-bit chiptunes to full orchestral scores and beyond.

sonic branding

A unique brand identity is essential. Give your product or company instantly recognizable sound or music. Lonebeard also can provide animation services to create a unique moving animation of your logo with originally composed music.

sound design

Make your product, user interface, game world, animation, film, or commercial come to life with original sound design and ambient soundscapes.

audio implementation

Technical audio implementation. Video game in-engine integration and audio middleware implementation with Wwise, FMOD, Unreal, Unity and various other game engines such as Gamemaker, Stencyl or Gamesalad. Lonebeard is a Wwise Certified user. Lonebeard also has a software development background and can help you with audio asset integration into your applications or embedded hardware.