Composition for bid on undisclosed console indie game


Journeys — ROLE

Music Composition



Journeys is in fact three soundtracks I made for a bid to become one of the composers for an undisclosed video game. The developer wanted a soundtrack which was unconventional, ambient but also techno and ethnic. The game world is vast and mysterious and the player moves through the air. Because this material was not selected I decided to release these tracks in the form of a small digital album.


This is track was intended for the main title music played back in the start menu interface.

When the heavens fall

This soundtrack was intended for a dark level which consisted out of many clouds and was focused on exploration and story telling.

The Chase

This soundtrack was intended for a fierce head to head fight in the skies, thing dogfights.

Contains a sample taken from Gyuto Monks Tantric Choir – The Perfect Jewel- Sacred Chants of Tibet. In progress of getting usage permission.