Foundation for Public Code

Sonic brand identity

Music Composition / Animation

Foundation for Public Code helps public organizations collectively develop and maintain public code. I created a sonic brand identity and animation for their online presence, podcast broadcasts and related video content.


For developing the music identity I researched the branding, visuals and stories of the Foundation for Public Code. The Foundation for Public Code wanted to convey their cultural values in the music. This resulted in music which starts with a reference to classical music (conveying quality and trust). It morphs into a more urban / relax / jazz track to refer to the open, collaboratie and innovative nature of their work.


The music is layered in such a way that individual elements can be reused as markers in podcasts or other video content. In this example only the intro part of the music is used to mark a beginning of a section or chapter. The violin has been left out to create a more neutral introduction. Using elements in this way allows for a consistent and recognizable sonic identity.


This is a variation on the previous example but a little longer. By having multiple variations in both length, layers and sound you can convey a different sense of urgency or hierarchy through audio. For example conveying chapters and sections in an interview or intro and outro in web streams, podcasts or other related video content.