Ostrom Academy

Sonic brand identity

Music Composition / Sound Design / Animation

Ostrom Academy is an education company specialized in stakeholder and complex collaborations based on the work of Elinor Ostrom.

I created a sonic brand identity and animation for their online presence and video content.

Music identity

Ostrom Academy is a knowledge/education organization . The goal was to create a sonic identity which would convey a message of trust, knowledge, reflection and support. For this reason we have chosen a classical genre approach. Because the music is played in every media introduction it was important to keep it short and relaxed so it is not annoying to hear the music more often. The slow movement of the piece conveys a sense of learning, reflection and growth.

Background varation music

Ostrom Academy is associated with Wundershift (see “Wundershift”). For this reason we wanted this identity to also be reflected in the background music used in video content or online virtual lobbies. This piece has the original leitmotif which is used in the musical identity but has a more modern and anticipating feel.