Animation short by Julia Manders


Huidhonger / Skinhunger


Music Composition Sound Design

The short animation film titled "Huidhonger" (Skin Hunger) was made by Julia Manders. I composed the music for the soundtrack and provided the sound design.

Huidhonger takes place in a fictional world full of repetition, in which the residents live alone next to each other. In that world, a lonely young man discovers how social contact can save and heal his life. I think we have become more distant towards each other nowadays and therefore we are more lonely than before.

Loneliness is a well-known concept in our society that, in my opinion, comes from our individualizing society. The demand for uniqueness is increasing, which causes us to act for our own good and close ourselves off from the rest. We therefore experience more loneliness than ever. Just a simple good day, pat on the back or helping hand can already make someone's day brighter.

The goal of the sound design was to emphasize the repetitive, mundane and even mechanical nature of society. Void of empathy, attention or love.

The goal of the composition was to convey a feeling of despair, emptiness and melancholy but have a anticipated motion towards hope and better times. The rhythmic elements are all based on sounds you can find in a modern office: typewriters, staplers, keyboard and mouse clicks to further emphasize the mechanical repetitiveness. The composition starts and evolves into an atonal piece and transforms to a more harmonic romantic classical piece to highlight the transition towards empathy and love for one another. Compassion and empathy is something which needs constant reminding. Therefore at the end of the piece the original repetitive beginning starts again. This is to communicate we need to be reminded continuously to be kind to another and not fall back into the world devoid of empathy, kindness and love.